Eye of the Hurricane

April 26, 2011

Bulls Advance, Magic Force Game 6

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The Bulls came out at home and sealed the deal. The game was not very competitive as the Bulls took a commanding lead early. The Magic were able to force a game six though dominating the game from the start as well and beating the Hawks 101-76.

April 24, 2011

Magic go down 3-1

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After Dwight got in foul trouble early, the Magic offense was nowhere to be found. They were already missing Jason Richardson who was suspended for the fight in game 3. The Hawks were able to squeak the game out late thanks to clutch free throw shooting by Joe Johnson and another great performance by Jamal Crawford. He became the first player since Kevin McHale to post over 20 points off the bench in his first 4 playoff games of the season. Hawks won 88-85.

Boston Finishes Sweep Heat Can’t

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The Miami Heat collapsed with 90 seconds left in Game 4. The late run most of the credit has to go to the Sixers for just hitting big shot after big shot. With this though the Heat played terrible and still should have won. The Sixers just postponed the inevitable and I rather the Heat not have a week off till the next game. The Celtics swept the Knicks leaving them a week away without game. This will give them more time to prepare but there have been plenty of times where the team with all that break comes out ice cold in game 1 especially if the neither team is dealing with injuries.

April 21, 2011

Heat and Bulls Go up 3-0

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Unlike the West, the top two seeds in the East are winning and setting up sweeps. Most of these games have not been pretty especially in the Bulls and Pacers serious. I really did wish though the 1st round went back to five game series. As a Heat fan, I am getting bored of watching them play the Sixers even though they were down most of the game today I knew there was gonna be a stretch where they completely outplay them and win.

April 19, 2011

Knick Lost Another HeartBreaker

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The Knicks struggled again in the last game situation. After Kevin Garnett came up big with a hook shot late in the game to take a one point lead the Knicks could not answer. Carmelo only days after taking a “halfcourt” shot for the win, he decides to this time past but JARED JEFFERIES. Why would you pass him the ball? Kevin Garnet later stole the ball from him and sealed the game with free throws by Delonte West.

April 17, 2011

Lakers lose

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Wow. Chris Paul carried the Hornets passed the Lakers in Game 1 even without David West. I think the Lakers need to take their cocky attitude somewhere else because news flash. Your not that good that you can just walk through the West. Last year’s Lakers did not lost one game at home in the Western Conference Playoffs.

Memphis Grizzlies win first playoff game.

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The Grizzlies won their first playoff game in their history after being 0-12 in previous years. Shane Battier came up in the clutch hitting a big three pointer when they were down with under 30 seconds to play. The Spurs missed their next two shots including an open three by Richard Jefferson at the buzzer. The Grizzlies were excited and pumped after their 101-98 victory and stealing home-court advantage from the Spurs.

April 16, 2011

Heat win Game 1.

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After coming out cold in the first quarter, the heat dominated the rest of the game. They eventually won 97-89. LeBron and Bosh both contributed with double-doubles. Bosh led all scorers with 25 points.

April 13, 2011

Miami Heat Bench Have Fun in Last Game of Reg. Season

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Eddie House dropped a career high 35 points. Howard had 18 points. Jamal Macgloire has 19 rebounds and Chalmers had 13 dimes. The Heat won 97-79 and showed everyone even when they were just having a good time that this team has a bench.

April 11, 2011

The Pride of UM comes up clutch as Heat clinch 2nd seed.

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James Jones came in after big Z was thrown out of the game. This looked like the collapse everyone was waiting for due to a tough back to back. But James Jones showed everyone the bench could come through two nights in a row. He hit a four point play followed by another three to give the Heat a seven point lead late in the game. They ended up winning 98-90 and the Celtics lost in OT as former Miami Heat player Carlos arroyo missed a buzzer beater.

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