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March 24, 2011

8 Canes To Be Inducted Into UM Hall Of Fame

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Thursday night the University of Miami Hall of Fame will inducted 8 new members at 7pm. The new inductees are as follows….

Ian Duvenhage – Women’s Tennis Coach (1982-1988)

Bobby Hill – Baseball (1997-1999)

Daphne Jongejans-Bousquet – Women’s Diving (1985-1988)

Dan Morgan – Football (1997-2000)

Santana Moss -Football (1997-2000)

Reggie Wayne – Football (1997-2000)

Tyce Routson – Mens Diving (1995-1997)

Yolanda McCray – Women’s Track (1995-1999)

Reggie Wayne

March 23, 2011

One-Legged Wrestler Wins NCAA Title

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Arizona State senior wrestler Anthony Robles was born with one leg. Since the 8th grade Robles has been wrestling after the influence of his cousin. Robles went 122-23 in his wrestling career in ASU but after winning his second NCAA Wrestling Championship in a row Robles has decided to focus on becoming a public speaker and retire from the sport. He is a great story and if you don’t know about Anthony you should look him up because he is very inspirational.

Here is a video to check out…

CNN Video


March 8, 2011

University of Miami Pro Day

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Not sure if everyone knew or not but UM will have it’s pro day on Thursday. A few names who look to impress are Damien Berry who was reported to have had a rough NFL combine and Ryan Hill who has yet to show scouts what he can do since he was not invited to Indianapolis.

Keep an eye on Brandon Harris I wouldn’t be surprised if he ran an even faster 40 yard dash thursday. I would also expect Orlando Franklin to continue to move up the draft board. Franklin can be a legit NFL starter when he plays guard.


March 3, 2011

Carson Palmer

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There have been a lot of rumors recently about former USC quarterback Carson Palmer. Some reports say he is staying put in Cincy others say he is getting traded. The most recent rumor from ESPN.com is he could be headed to the Tennessee Titans. Palmer is a quarterback that never really lived up to all his hype even though you could say it’s because he is often injured. Now the question if you were an NFL GM would you want Carson Palmer to get a fresh start on your team?


CFB Recruiting Quick Hits

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– Cornerback Tee Shepard from Central East HS in Fresno California made a decision for Notre Dame just a few days ago. Shepard may be the best cornerback in the 2012 class, he said Notre Dame is his dream school but we have all seen crazier things happen in recruiting so let’ see if it sticks.

– Everybody talks about Hermitage Hall HS in Oklahoma because of standout RB Barry Sanders Jr. but they have another stud in WR Sterling Shepard. On March 1st Sterling decided to stay home and play for the Oklahoma Sooners. It doesn’t seem as if him and Sanders are going to go to school together which will make a lot of schools happy.

– One very interesting prospect is WR Durron Neal from DeSmet HS in Missouri. He just picked up an offer from USC and Auburn recently look for his offers to continue to grow.

– Many thought North Hall HS (GA) RB Imani Cross would stay home without question on signing day. Cross surprised all making a commit to the University of Tennessee. This is a huge pickup for the Vols.

February 28, 2011

Is Mike Bibby Crazy?

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Instead of staying put in Washington with the Wizards, Mike Bibby rather reject the $6.2 million he was supposed to make and get released. Bibby is reported to have high interest in the Heat but this is not the story in my opinion. Only in sports would you see a person pretty much quit and reject $6.2 million. It’s bad enough how much money these athletes make but this is just a slap in the face to all of the people out there who won’t make even make a tenth of that in a few years of work. I understand what Bibby is doing, going to a better team, a better city and better opportunity and he isn’t the first person to do something like this it’s just the fact that he can. I think sometimes athletes don’t realize how lucky they are, I know this is probably a meaningless rant but just wanted to vent that…

February 27, 2011

NFL Combine

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So maybe I am crazy for watching any of the NFL Combine but I do enjoy it. I will pretty much watch anything involving football, whether its college, NFL, Arena League, or UFL I don’t care I will probably end up watching it over some movie I’ve seen on HBO 75 times. I was just curious on what everybody else’s take was on the combine. I think there is too much stock put into it, but I also think it’s a good place to teams to separate players they have an eye on. Either way I know I am excited for the 2011 draft and to see a lot of Hurricanes get drafted!

Shockey close to signing?

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After being waived last week by the New Orleans Saints ESPN is reporting that former Hurricane Hurricane Jeremy Shockey is taking a visit to the Carolina Panthers. There is a chance if Shockey passes his physical he signs a contract. This probably isn’t the best fit for Shockey but he would be back to being the #1 TE instead of having to split time like he did so much in New Orleans. The next question would have to be if Shockey can stay on the field for a full season this year. I wouldn’t mind Shockey coming back to Miami for a season with the Dolphins, he would compete with Fasano for a starting job and add another weapon for to the Dolphins offense.

Which “Big 3” Do You Want?

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As The Knicks take on the Heat tonight at the AAA I wanted to see which team’s “Big 3” you would want on your team..

February 21, 2011

Did The Knicks Trade Too Much?

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