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March 29, 2011

Yanks Replacement in Season Opener

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Today is the last game of spring training for the New York Yankees against the Detroit Tigers who they will play for the first time in the 2011 season Thursday night. 

Pedro Feliciano is still sitting out, suffering from soreness in his left shoulder.  The 10 day off period hopefully will benefit Feliciano so he can make a strong return to the Yankees.

In the meantime, his replacement is up between Luis Ayala and Steve Garrison– who is the better fit?

Well, lets start with Ayala; In his career he has had 40 home runs, 411 hits, 92 bases on balls and a .276 batting average.  For his WHIP he averages out at 1.29.

Now for Garrison; Just beginning his MLB career in the 2011 season, his stats seem less than impressive overall compared to Ayala but, his batting average during spring training is .316 with his WHIP averaging out at 1.45.

My vote goes to Garrison.  Stat’s aside, having the advantage of being a lefty is something Garrison is bringing to the table as well as his performance in Sundays game against the Twins giving up only one earned run on two hits.

March 21, 2011

Gardner vs. Jeter

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Technically speaking, Derek Jeter is a better hitter than Brett Gardner, no?  So then would you want to put your less talented player ahead in the hitters lineup?  This is a question being asked by Yankees’ fans all up and down the East Coast.  It’s not to say that Gardner hasn’t proved himself for a time last season, but that time was fleeting.  The second half of the season proved to be a struggle for Gardner to say the least.

Well here are a few reasons I’ve come up with why he would be a better candidate to start before Jeter-

Gardner’s got a lot more speed than Jeter, so if he’s up at bat first and can at least get on base, Jeter can move him along and put him in a scoring position.

Based on Gardner’s stats from the 2010 season, he had the highest amount of pitches at bat of all the players in the Major League so the chances of him getting on base, even if just by a walk, are extremely high.  Once on first, he will be able to manage getting around to home.  Last season Gardner had stolen 47 bases and had an OBP of .383 compared to Jeter’s 18 stolen bases and an OBP of .340.  These stats alone speak for themselves but aren’t even the main point.  Gardner had 79 walks last season compared to Jeter’s 63.  So knowing that Gardner has a good chance of at least getting on base, there is also a very good chance that Jeter will be able to push him forward. 

Putting Gardner ahead of Jeter could only put the Yankees at an advantage because behind him, it would be more difficult to steal a base and Jeter wouldn’t be able to pick up for his slack at bat.

March 10, 2011

The 3 Roles of Posada

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Jorge Posada, who’s been the New York Yankees starting catcher for over a decade, continued his preseason practice of First Baseman today in a 7-0 loss to the Phillies.  Though he looked comfortable in the position, he’s commented that he was far from it. 

Posada, who is almost 40, has switched positioning  to DH due to the normal wear and tear that one faces as a catcher.  This is not to say that Posada will not continue on as the Yankees catcher once the 2011 season begins but not starting.  Joe Girardi has given Russell Martin the title of New York Yankees starting catcher.  Gaining experience at first base will help Posada should he need to fill in if either Max Teixeira or Nick Swisher suffer from an injury. 

The question is, “How will this switch affect the team for the 2011 season?”

I think the obvious answer is that it’s always a positive transition to move out an older player for someone younger and in their prime.  Posada has commented that he still feels like he can catch everyday, even with turning 40 around the corner so it will be interesting to see how Martin compares.

March 6, 2011

Pressures Faced by Student Athletes in Everyday Life

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Brandon Davie’s, who was kicked off the Men’s basketball team at BYU, is receiving support from other fellow athletes who feel he is being treated unfairly. 

Davie’s is being accused of violating the honor code he was required to sign when he joined the team, by having premarital sex with his girlfriend.

How far is too far with the pressures put on student athletes in todays day in age?  Were the actions taken up against Davie’s done rightfully so or is there no real justification?