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May 2, 2011

Rashard Mendenhall’s Tweets

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Like many public figures who wish to communicate with their fans, Rashard Mendenhall, the running back for the Steelers, has himself a twitter.  With it, he has a soap box that allows him to speak his mind freely.

Let’s see what insight this role model has for us today!

[insert Ben Roethlisberger joke here]

After that gem, news broke about Bin Laden’s death, and today Mendenhall has been commenting with his take on the historic event.

“We’ve only heard one side.”  I know these athletes take a lot of shots to the head…but…come on, Rashard.

At least he ended the issue there.

Hold on, he didn’t? Really?

Rashard Mendenhall’s sage wisdom can be found @R_Mendenhall