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April 20, 2011

NFL 2011 Schedule Released

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[which doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be played…]

…but here are the big games to mark on your calendars for the upcoming season–if we get one, of course.

The last two Super Bowl Champions–the Green bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints–will open up the season on the night of Thursday, September 8th.

Here are some interesting games from the first half of the upcoming season.

Week 1 also features matchups between divisional rivals in the Steelers-Ravens and Colts-Texans. Whoever wins these first games may set themselves up for an advantage the rest of the season in their respective divisions.

Week 2: September 18th: Philadelphia @ Atlanta–Michael Vick returns to Atlanta. What more needs to be said.

Week 3: Pittsburgh @ Indianapolis — Two of the best quarterbacks on two of the most well-rounded teams battle in Indy. Does Peyton Manning still have what it takes to beat Troy Polamalu and the Steelers’ secondary?

Week 4: Jets @ Baltimore is the only game that jumps off of the schedule. We’ll have a much better idea of what to expect out of the Jets after watching this game.

Week 5: Jets @ Patriots (always entertaining); Green Bay @ Atlanta–Rogers vs Ryan–a potential preview of the NFC Championship game.

Week 6: Dallas @ New England–we’ll see how a retooled Dallas team can manage against the most proven organization of the last decade. Minnesota @ Chicago – remember, Chicago won the North last year (not Green Bay), and Minnesota may get a game-changing quarterback in next week’s draft. This game may be an indication of what to expect for the final ten weeks.

Week 7: Green Bay @ Minnesota–these teams hate each other, simple; Kansas City @ Oakland–the two AFC West upstarts could win the division with the right pieces and the right luck. This game may give one team an edge over the other. Indianapolis @ New Orleans: a quarterback shootout to be savored.

Week 8: Miami @ NY Giants. Two teams that love to run the ball and love to disappoint their fans face off in the Meadowlands. Indianapolis @ Tennessee–how do last year’s underachieving teams match up this year?; New England @ Pittsburgh–classic matchup; Dallas @ Philadelphia to see where the power will rest this season in the NFC East.

If the season actually begins with the schedule fully intact, there should be plenty of phenomenal games. For the mean time, get excited for the NFL Draft eight days from today on April 28th.

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