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March 21, 2011

Bruce Pearl “You’re Fired!”

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Bruce Pearl, head coach of Tennessee’s Mens Basketball Team, was informed today that he will no longer be head coach for the Volunteers. With all the recruiting sanctions and another early exit from the NCAA Tournament, there was just too much baggage for Tennessee.
In his six year tenure, He compiled a record of 145-61 as head coach. Pearl led the Volunteers to their first No.1 ranking and their first NCAA tournament regional finals in 2008. He was unlike any other coach, he was once found at a Lady Vols basketball game with his bare chest painted orange.
Bring Pearl to the U, he wouldn’t have to retire his orange suit. He would have an immediate impact on Miami basketball, not only would the team improve but also the fans interest would improve. However, because Frank Haith’s job was said to be safe and the tainted past of Pearl, it will be very unlikely to see him as a head coach at Miami. I guess Miami fans can only continue to dream… Thoughts??


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  1. Haith’s job was declared safe by Kirby Freeman whose words no longer carry any weight considering how he’s been leaving Miami.

    We shouldn’t consider our program ‘above’ Pearl because of his ethical violations this past year. He is a better and more accomplished coach than Frank Haith, and it would be a benefit to UM to at the very least bring Pearl in for an interview. It would show Haith that he is not invincible this off-season, and we could see how interested a top-tier coach would be at coming down to the Hurricanes.

    Comment by eadeutsch — March 21, 2011 @ 8:20 pm | Reply

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