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March 7, 2011

A new-look Bynum should scare the rest of the NBA

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Andrew Bynum’s seemingly figured it out.

This team is going to win regardless of if I get 15 points or if I get four points. That’s the kind of team we are,” Bynum said. “But this team won’t win if we don’t have defensive toughness on the inside. I just think that’s the biggest thing I can bring.”

Bynum has always been criticised for focusing too much on scoring, and not enough on defence and rebounding. But with a fully motivated Bynum protecting the paint, as he has been in the Lakers’ seven game winning streak, the Lakers look unstoppable.


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  1. Despite all the bumps in the road, it appears all the Lakers needed was that All-Star break. When the Carmelo Anthony rumors were swirling around the Lakers before he ultimately went to the Knicks, I was opposed to the notion that a trade would help them. For one, they would’ve been getting rid of the wrong piece in the trade, in Bynum, instead of Ron Artest. I’m not sure if Kobe and Carmelo would’ve had enough shots to share, especially when Kobe already has an extremely formidable #2 option in Pau Gasol, who is a presence on the low block, as opposed to a perimeter scorer who needs the ball in similar spots as Kobe.
    Without Bynum, the Lakers would’ve lost their identity of their size and strength to complement Bryant as the primary scorer. Gasol would’ve been playing center all the time (when most still question his toughness) and Odom would’ve been relegated to playing the 4 and never seeing time at the 3, with Anthony and Artest sharing duties there.
    The Lakers are the two-time defending champs, and a move to trade Bynum for Anthony would’ve been one made out of desperation after losing a few regular season games they should’ve won. It wasn’t worth sacrificing the team identity that’s functioned just fine the last few years.
    Now even pieces like Artest, who some argue doesn’t really fit with LA, are playing much better and this team is on a roll. They’ll be tough to beat in a seven game series, even if they don’t have home court advantage.

    Comment by davidfurones — March 8, 2011 @ 2:52 pm | Reply

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