Eye of the Hurricane

March 3, 2011

Heat gets much-needed help at point guard

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Everyone knew it would happen as soon as he was bought out by the Wizards, but today it’s official that Mike Bibby will sign with the Miami Heat.

With the move the Heat addressed their biggest need. It was an evident weakness for quite a while, but the way Chauncey Billups exposed the Heat on Sunday night had the front office saying, “Enough’s enough.” Whoever Miami has inserted into the lineup at point guard throughout the season has been deficient in some aspect of the game. Between Carlos Arroyo, Mario Chalmers, and Eddie House, none could put together an assist to turnover ratio much better than 2:1 and all are nonexistent on the defensive end.

With a veteran presence like Bibby, a former 2nd overall pick in 1998 by the Vancouver Grizzlies, running the point for this team, it takes a great deal of the pressure off the Heat’s “Big Three.” Much too often in the fourth quarter of close games do we see either Dwyane Wade or LeBron James bringing the ball up the floor and running the offense. With a true point guard on the floor who can facilitate the offense and get his teammates the ball in spots they like to score in, we won’t see all the late-game turnovers from Wade, or James, or whatever quasi-point guard Erik Spoelstra was throwing out there. Nor will we see those terrible isolation plays for Flash and King James that 70% of the time result in a brick on a 20 ft. ill-advised jump shot.

In addition, Bibby spreads the floor and will hit the three on a consistent basis, giving the “Big Three” more room to maneuver. His play at 32 years old is a far cry from what it was when he was a focal point of the offense of the 2002 Sacramento Kings, a team took the eventual Finals champion Lakers to seven games in the Western Conference Finals, but the Heat does not need anything spectacular from him.

He just needs to run pick and rolls with Chris Bosh, toss alley-oops to James and Wade, and hit the open three when given the opportunity after opposing defenses collapse on one of the “Big Three.” And oh yeah, knock down fastbreak layups– something Chalmers was incapable of on Sunday night against the Knicks.

A smart, veteran point guard can bring stability and organization to a drastically chaotic offense that has so much potential.

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