Eye of the Hurricane

February 27, 2011

Heat vs. Knicks Game Tonight

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As a Knicks fan, I’m a bit nervous about this one.  I’ll be at the game (I got tickets months ago- before any of this Carmelodrama), but after watching us get embarrassed by the lowly Cavs, I can only imagine what may happen against the Heat.

With that said, I see the Knicks keeping this somewhat close.  The Heat are not a mentally tough team, and I feel they have more to prove than the Knicks (who are what they are- the fifth best team in the East playing their third game together).  If the Heat win, no big deal.  But if the Knicks pull off the upset, then maybe they’ll be able to steal a round in the playoffs.

So- with a class full of Heat fans, I may not even have to ask- but who do ya guys got tonight?  Knicks or Heat?


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  1. *Lakers fan reporting in.

    I want to say the Knicks will win, but I can’t see it. I expect a reasonably close affair however.

    Comment by florencemachine — February 27, 2011 @ 2:54 pm | Reply

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