Eye of the Hurricane

February 23, 2011

Deron Williams to the Nets

Since the Nets struckout on the deal with Carmelo Anthony, they knew something had to get done before the trade deadline or else the Nets fans would get restless.
The Nets fans didnt have to dwell on Melo’s decision long, because this morning the Nets, Utah Jazz and Golden State Warrior’s agreed on this blockbuster trade. The deal scheduled for completion later today would send Deron Williams to the Nets for rookie Derrick Favors and Devin Harris. The Nets will also be sending Troy Murphy to the Warriors for center Dan Gadzuric and power forward Brandan Wright.
Williams recently took some criticism earlier this month for the retirement of longtime coach Jerry Sloan. Whether he forced him to retire or not will not be known, but maybe there is something we dont know about this all star point guard. It seems as though he has some character issues, something the Nets will now have to deal with.


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  1. Williams doesn’t have character issues, unless wanting to win is a character issue. From his time at the University of Illinois, he’s been the leader of his team, both vocally and with his play. Imagine being a solid team in the West, and then imagine if a good chunk of your supporting cast was exchanged for a defensive liability that doesn’t do a pick-and-roll very well (Al Jefferson). Add to that playing through an injury and having other guys you’re used to playing with also be out (Mehmet Okur, for example) and the frustration is understandable. I doubt that will change in New Jersey, since that’s still a team far away from contending.

    Comment by Barry Dalive — February 23, 2011 @ 5:23 pm | Reply

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