Eye of the Hurricane

February 20, 2011

NBA Gets It Right

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I can write a lot about how the dunk contest is back…how James Jones surprised everyone…or about the sensory overload of sponsorship on TNT tonight. But my overall lingering thought from Saturday’s festivities is this: The NBA truly does have the BEST All-Star program.

Out of all the professional leagues in the US, none hold a candle to what the NBA puts on. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, and it’s lighthearted. Tonight I laughed, I “ooh”ed and “ahh”ed, and I found myself rooting for certain guys to win. Definitely not the same atmosphere as the NFL Pro Bowl, MLB All Star Game, or whatever it is the NHL does. Here’s my breakdown:

Shooting Challenge: Pass…

Skills Competition: To me, this event was more about the chance to win a college scholarship for a kid from the Boys and Girls Club. Nice to see Stephen Curry win. Nicer to see him share his moment with the girl he got paired up with. Even nicer than that: Seeing Karen Batani in tears as it set in that she won $30,000. Pretty sweet moment.

Three Point Challenge:I think I was one of a handful of people who actually believed James Jones had a chance…Especially after Ray Allen’s first round. Super excited to see the Miami Hurricane beat the odds. Also, congrats to the Heat for finally beating the Celtics in something this season.

Slam Dunk Contest: Let’s be honest: This contest was all about Blake, even before it started. The sad part is…His last dunk wasn’t even that great. You heard Charles Barkley and the other announcers touch on it a little.

My take: Was it as impressive as his or JaVale McGee’s first round dunks? No. But did it create the biggest spectacle? Yes. I’d like to see someone try to argue that.


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  1. Javale’s dunks were may more athletic and nothing beats Serge Ibaka’s dunk as it is now the furthest by any player.

    Comment by sleonardo3 — February 20, 2011 @ 11:05 am | Reply

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