Eye of the Hurricane

February 16, 2011

Melo and Nets begin to talk again.

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I found this really interesting that an owner can bail on a deal and then decide to go back to it after realizing his team isn’t as good as he thought. As for Knicks, way to continue to figure out a way how not to land a superstar. Like Dan LeBetard said, “New York welcome to a another decade of irrelevance.” Melo is getting frustrated that the Knicks find their youth more important then his talent.


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  1. Anybody who watches the Knicks and understands D’antoni’s system realizes how terrible the offers for Melo have been so far. The Knicks lack a big man, not a SF. We have Chandler, Fields, and Gallo already to play SF. But we need a center, and wasting all our trade chips, while taking in a huge contract, may not be worth it.

    Melo doesn’t have a great attitude, doesn’t play much defense, and has been injured nearly every year of his career. The guy has never made an NBA finals, and is really a pure scorer. Listening to Dan LeBetard give his analysis on the Knicks boggles my mind. Does he watch the Knicks more than the four times a year they play the Heat, and the few other national games they have? Does he understand D’antoni’s system at all?

    Why would the Knicks give up two of three (Gallo, Fields, and Chandler), a promising and cheap young center (Mozgov), an expiring contract (Curry), a future first round pick, and Anthony Randolph (the main part of the David Lee trade) for Melo. Even if we get Billups in the deal, that means we’re going to part with Felton, who’s much younger, much cheaper, and is on the upside of his career while Chauncey is on the downside of his.

    The only way I’d even consider doing this deal is if we get Nene involved- if the Knicks can’t land a big man and have to sell half their team to get a SF- a position they’re probably the deepest at- then they lose.

    And how many teams win championships based off free agent acquisitions, and not drafted players. Bulls dynasty (Jordan), Lakers dynasty (Magic), Celtics dynasty (Bird), Spurs dynasty (Duncan, Robinson, Parker, and Ginobli), Rockets (Hakeem). Yes, free agent acquisitions help, but homegrown players who have an opportunity to develop in a system will usually have greater team success than constant free agent acquisitions.

    Comment by michaelperchick — February 17, 2011 @ 10:24 am | Reply

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