Eye of the Hurricane

February 15, 2011

CC May C Ya Later

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While all the talk is about the contract negotiations between the Cardinals and slugger Albert Pujols, there is talk about CC Sabathia’s opt-out option after this season.  CC, who came into camp 25 pounds slimmer than last season, has left the option open to opt-out after the season, commenting yesterday that he wouldn’t rule it out.

A quick look at next year’s free agent class shows that it’s not top heavy on pitchers, and if the Yankees were to lose CC, they’d be the owners of one of the worst rotations in baseball.

For CC, he knows the Yankees don’t really have any other options.  Sabathia is a World Series winner, and will be younger if he opts out after this season than Cliff Lee was during this offseason.  The Yankees, with no bonified #1 or even #2 starter on their staff outside of Sabathia, will be between a rock and a hard place: overpay for Sabathia, or be stuck with an underwhelming starting rotation.

So- should the Yanks start making plans for life without CC by trying to go after a big-name pitcher (think Felix Hernandez?)  Or should they hope that Sabathia enjoys New York enough to play out his contract sans opt-out?


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