Eye of the Hurricane

February 14, 2011

Interesting Reads

Reading Malcolm Gladwell‘s piece in this week’s New Yorker reminded me of two really interesting articles he wrote in the last year about sports.

The first is about the role of ‘the underdog’ and the strategies that they invoke to beat the odds.  It might have been worth Frank Haith’s time before tonight’s loss to the heavily favored Duke team, and it also illuminates what the women’s basketball team has been doing to ‘upset’ opponents this season (and this past week) by relying on the full-court press to enable turnovers and quick points.

“How David Beats Goliath: When Underdogs Break the Rules”

The second article’s subtitle is “How different are dogfighting and football?”  It goes into the brutality of both sports, and emphasizes concussion research as well as the Michael Vick fallout.

“Offensive Play: How Different are Dogfighting and Football?”

Enjoy the reads.  They are both well worth your time.


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