Eye of the Hurricane

February 12, 2011


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Hurricane Football and Basketball got you down?

No need to fret! Baseball season starts this weekend!

In preparation for the opening series, FanFest was held today at our long-named park.  This included a home-run derby as well as an alumni game.

The derby may have been affected by some fairly strong winds blowing into the face of the batters, as well as the cold weather that was not helping balls drive far.

With that being said, the four competitors–Yonder Alonso, Yasmani Grandal, Gaby Sanchez, and Danny Valencia–had a difficult time hitting balls out of the park.  Alonso and Sanchez went without home runs in the first round, Valencia had a round-leading three, and Grandal was able to skate into the championship round with a single shot.

Sanchez not hitting a home run

In the final round, Yasmani Grandal, UM’s most celebrated catcher, hit three home-runs to Valencia’s two, and was crowned the 2011 champion, as he was last year.


In the alumni game, the teams were knotted up 4-4 in the seventh before the 2011 team blew open an 8-4 lead in the eighth.  Our current squad team would win by that score over their older adversaries.

The Canes will be playing Rutgers on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Come out to the most convenient and casual environment for a sport game on campus and watch the guys do work.


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