Eye of the Hurricane

February 11, 2011

18 Game Regular Season?

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The push continues by commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL to play a 18 game regular season, but is it really a good idea?

I know fans want nothing to do with the pre-season, and rightfully so, but it is time we look at it from a players safety point of view. The sport has continuously gotten bigger, stronger, and faster, so why not cut a couple preseason games and keep the regular season schedule how it is. No one except NFL players know the daunting task week in and week out to play 60 minutes of professional football, and they have said time and time again they are totally against an 18 game idea. This only goes to show one point, it is all about the money, the NFL wants to cut two pre-seaosn games to generate millions of dollars by adding two extra weeks, and it is sad.

The players safety should be the biggest concern, and it appears as though it is not.


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  1. The safety of the players is definitely not the concern, no matter how Goodell tries to dress it up. It’s funny how he’s dropping fines for big hits, yet is still pushing for more games, and more chances for injury.

    Comment by Rick O'Shea — February 14, 2011 @ 3:23 pm | Reply

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