Eye of the Hurricane

February 9, 2011

Kobe VI 3D

Today at 9:30 A.M. I stood online at Niketown Miami for a special edition of the Kobe VI shoe. When I arrived, there was a list to sign up on, and I was the 25th spot. That means people had to have been there from the wee hours of the morning. I overheard someone while online that the first guy online was there at 4 p.m. the day before. Whether he slept or not, that is crazy. There was a limited amount of the shoe, and therefore I wasn’t able to get them.
This is relevant because these sport shoes are getting more and more popular. The media is starting to take notice, and there has been a lot more coverage on it. There also has been more shoe commercials and more use of social media then ever.
It all started with the Jordan’s, and they still are the most popular sport shoe out there. The Kobe’s are gaining fast with all the different limited edition shoes they’ve been releasing (previously Kobe VI “The Grinch” and this friday will be Kobe VI “Sunsets,” check them out). Suprisingly, the Lebron’s are not that popular, but maybe the multiple championships he thinks the Heat can win will develop his Brand.
Check out this funny Conan O’Brien interview with Kobe. If you dont want to watch the full interview, Skip to 11:30 to see the Kobe VI 3D’s.


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