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February 8, 2011

Will the Packers repeat next year?

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A better question is “Will there be a next year?”

Assuming an NFL lockout does not prevent the 2011 season from occurring, Vegas has the Packers (at 6 to 1 odds) tied with the Patriots atop their list of favorites to win it all. But the looming possibility of an imminent lockout has become all too probable to ignore and the topic will inevitably maneuver into the forefront of the media’s attention in the ensuing weeks of the Super Bowl.

The split between the owners, which pay the salary of Commissioner Roger Goodell, and the players stems from a variety of issues, such as the incorporation of a longer regular season schedule (extending it by two games) and smaller salaries for the players, among other things. Both players and owners agreed that the previous Collective Bargaining Agreement favored the players heavily and ultimately culminated in the owners opting out of the deal.

A graphic was shown on ESPN earlier indicating that if the NFL Players Association and the owners cannot cut a deal before or on March 3, the last day before owners can officially lock out the players and players can respond by striking, the league is set to lose $1 billion of revenue before the regular season even begins. Then they are estimated to lose a colossal $400 million for EVERY SUBSEQUENT WEEK without NFL games being played.

Goodell remains confident a deal will get done as the two sides are now in the proverbial fourth quarter with less than a month remaining before the lockout can begin. However, both players and owners have expressed contrasting sentiments on the issue and are not nearly as optimistic. For more information on the potential lockout, check out this article on Frequently Asked Questions regarding it. It explains all the factors and ramifications of it much better than I am capable of.


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