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February 5, 2011

Brissett picks Gators, disrespects mother in the process

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While all the other college football recruits found it appropriate to decide what school they’d attend on National Signing Day, Dwyer High School’s Jacoby Brissett felt the need to wait two more days. About 30 minutes before his basketball team’s 7:00 game, Brissett announced that he’d be moving north to Gainesville to play for Will Muschamp.

Here’s Brissett speaking to the media inside his school’s basketball gymnasium.

So why was his mother, Ellicia Brown, disrespected in her son’s decision process? Well aside from her being a life-long Canes fan, Brown never even got the opportunity to meet Coach Muschamp. She was trying to push her son to come down to Coral Gables the whole time due to the difference in character she noticed in Al Golden and his coaching staff as opposed to the  staff at UF.

Here’s what Brown had to say in an article written by Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press.

“Not my choice,” Brown said. “I’m very disappointed. I didn’t like the way Florida handled the process. I’ve never been able to meet the head coach … I’ve never met (Will Muschamp) face-to-face and I find that very disrespectful and I’m just hurt with the whole process with the Gators. I was hoping that he would respect me and go to ‘The U’ because ‘The U’ showed respect to his mom.”

He says the decision ultimately came down to UM and UF, meaning Wisconsin and Washington weren’t the competitors in this race as many experts and analysts presumed. Brissett appears to be a pretty solid verbal commitment to Florida, but is waiting until Monday to sign his Letter of Intent. I really hope Brissett made some previous arrangements for a ride home from his basketball game because I don’t think he was getting one from Mama Brown after what he did to her.


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