Eye of the Hurricane

January 31, 2011

ING Miami Marathon

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Wonder why you were stuck in traffic trying to get to the beach yesterday morning? Why cops were blocking off sections of Coconut Grove? Why thousands of people were lined up outside the AAA — before dawn?

No, this has nothing to do with the Miami Heat. But it has everything to do with one of the greatest sporting events held annually in South Florida.

A record 21,116 participants registered for this year’s ING Miami Marathon. The 13.1 mile half and 26.2 full marathon takes runners through some of Miami’s most scenic routes.

But the best visual of the race comes at the end. It’s not because of the palm trees or the water or the skyline. Instead, it’s the sea of faces. Faces of friends, family, and complete strangers all cheering together. For that random runner with his name on his bib. Everyone cheers for everyone. It’s community and sportsmanship that I challenge you to find somewhere else.

This year’s 26.2 winner is Tesfaye Alemayehu, who set a new ING Miami Marathon record with a time of 2:12:57.

I’ve been to several races in S. Florida. But the ING, much like Alemayehu crossing the finish line, stands alone.

Congratulations to all who participated.


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