Eye of the Hurricane

January 30, 2011

Miami Marathon

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From 5:00 am until well after sunrise, runners from all 50 states and over 100 countries trekked around Miami in the 9th Miami Marathon and Half Marathon. People with all kinds of paraphernalia supporting family and friends stalked the start line, as the announcer prepped the athletes for the race. Costumes, flags and signs waved through the crowds, and the racers organized themselves for the start.

The race began at 6:10 with the disabled athletes, on hand-cranked bikes and in wheelchairs, and the elites led the field 10 minutes later. It took close to 20 minutes for the crowd of all 21,116 athletes to cross the start line as the sun began to rise over Miami Beach.

Just over an hour later, the first hand-cycle athlete finished the half marathon, followed closely by the first male runner. From that point, half marathoners came streaming in until about the 2:12:00 mark, when the elite runners of the full marathon began to finish. While both the men’s and women’s half marathon races were close, with only seconds separating first and second place, the male winner of the marathon crossed the line over five minutes before second place.

Alena Vinitskaya of Belarus won the marathon for the women, and Stacie Alboucrek of Ft. Lauderdale finished second. Tesfaye Alemayehu won for the men and Benazzouz Slimani finished second.

In the half, Aziza Abate finished first ahead of Fiona Docherty for the women, and Kumsa Adugna finished first ahead of Boaz Cheboiywo.


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