Eye of the Hurricane

April 25, 2010

The NFL Draft ruined my weekend

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It really sucks when the majority of your friends are dudes. Particularly on sports-filled weekends.

Okay, I know I frequently wax poetic about how I’m out of my element in a sports writing class, not one of those cool “sporty” girls who’s able to jive about the nuances of sports easily, etc. But you know what, I can hold my own at a sporting event – yes, I do actually enjoy them. And I’ll even sit still long enough to watch them on television if need be. This is the curse I have accepted, the weight I have agreed to bear because my group of friends is predominantly male, and my second home is a fraternity house.

However, something that truly boggles my mind is the NFL Draft. Yes, I understand that it’s interesting to see which pro teams your favorite college players go to, and vice-versa. Okay, everyone has one or two favorite teams, and a handful of favorite college players. But 72+ hours of nonstop coverage? My brother who attended Middle Tennessee State University should be the only one worried about which of their players got drafted in the 6th round or whatever – not my UMiami classmates.

The weekend was especially treacherous because my best friend wants to be a sports agent, and thus, was determined to watch every minute of the NFL Draft. I repeat – EVERY MINUTE. How many minutes encompass the entire NFL Draft? Well, the actual event was televised on Thursday and Friday nights, but the commentary surrounding it was broadcast all weekend long. Joy.

Alas, I was at least excited when I saw that Jimmy Graham got drafted to the Saints (his transition from basketball to football continues to fascinate me). And well, I guess I earned some friend brownie points for at least sticking around on the couch for a decent amount of the draft. If only the tables were turned. Wouldn’t it be funny if there was a draft for say – characters on primetime soaps?

“With the 17th overall pick of the 2010 Primetime Soap Opera Draft, “Grey’s Anatomy” selects Serena Van Der Woodsen, “Gossip Girl.”

A girl can dream.


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