Eye of the Hurricane

April 21, 2010

NBA First Round Playoff Predictions

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I know I’m about five days late with this, but you know what? I made these picks before the playoffs started, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. Let’s do this thing! We’ll start with the East…

1) Cavs over 8 ) Bulls in 5. Apparently putting the 8 and the end parenthesis without a space gives you a smiling face with sunglasses. I wonder if that would be better… 8) Anyway, I think the biased Chicagoan in me is giving the Bulls a game, because I could just as easily see Cleveland sweeping this series. But the Bulls tend to win just when I’ve stopped believing in them, and that happened after LeBron decided the laws of physics don’t apply to him.

2) Magic over 7) Bobcats in 4. This is probably the easiest giveaway that I made these picks pre-playoffs, since the Bobcats certainly look better than a team that will easily be swept. I forgot how good Stephen Jackson makes a team, although if he’s out maybe I still will dust off my broom (and then get it dusty again, because that’s what happens when you sweep).

3) Hawks over 6) Bucks in 5. If the Bucks had Andrew Bogut, this would be a real series. But sometimes bones just fly out of their place, and in this case it landed everyone’s favorite Aussie on the DL. It also landed the Bucks out of the playoffs in round one.

4) Celtics over 5) Heat in 6. This just looks silly now after the way the Heat played in game 2, and that was with Kevin Garnett out of the lineup. Although I still can’t see the Heat losing both games at home (especially with such a great fanbase), so this should go at least to five games.

Now we’ll move in a westernly direction to…well, the Western Conference.

1) Lakers over 8 ) Thunder in 5. Specifically, the Thunder will win their first game as a franchise (unless you count the days of Shawn Kemp and Detlef Schrempf as part of the franchise) on Thursday.

2) Mavericks over 7) Spurs in 6. For some reason, a lot of people are high on the Spurs. I guess I could see it–the playoff experience, the fundamentals, the boring style of play…but we will keep it real: They won’t win. The Mavericks are a better team, and they’re not banged up.

3) Suns over 6) Blazers in 5. Considering the Blazers already stole Game 1 (even though they did everything possible to let Phoenix win), the Suns have some work to do to make this prediction come true, but hey, they’re a good road team, so it’s possible. Not likely, but they’re still too good and Portland is too shallow with all the injuries (especially without Brandon Roy) to lose the series. It just might take an extra game to do that.

5) Jazz over 4) Nuggets in 6. Hooray, our first upset. And it’s not even really an upset, since 4 and 5 seeds win about an equal number of times. Of course, the Hollywood-scripted ending would have the Nuggets rallying around George Karl, who is missing the series while undergoing treatment for cancer. The Nuggets would win, Karl would come back for the rest of the playoffs, and the Nuggets would celebrate by winning a championship. But real life has a different idea–they play a very good Utah Jazz team (even sans Andrei Kirilenko and Mehmet Okur), can’t have the explosive personalities on the team gel for the series, and lose in the first round. Real life hurts, doesn’t it?

Well, there you have it. More to come after the first round ends, and I hope for my sake I’m wrong and there’s an upset, because those are always much more fun.


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