Eye of the Hurricane

April 9, 2010

Rooting for a Subpar Team

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Being from Chicago, I have had the (mis)fortune of seeing the Bulls struggle to start every year, and then inevitably make a push late, end up with a 7 or 8 seed (occasionally a 4 seed), and bow out early in the playoffs. Granted, they gave a hobbled Celtics team a run last year in one of the most incredible playoff series I’ve ever seen. But this year’s team is different–they just seem like they relax in situations where they really can’t afford to do so. Losing to the Bucks without Andrew Bogut (and scoring only 74 points in the process) is terrible, and they blew a 12-point lead to a LeBron-less, Shaq-less, and for the end of the game, Antawn Jamison-less Cavs team that they would face if they make the playoffs. Except all three of those guys would be back, and a first round sweep is very likely.

So, as a fan of the Teenage Bulls (they’ve really passed the Baby Bulls phase by now), I’ve actually sort of found myself rooting against them succeeding. I think it started when they dropped ten in a row to fall from solidly in the middle of the playoffs to drop out of them completely. But now they’ve won seven out of their last 10 and are tied with the Raptors for that final spot in the East, although Toronto holds the tiebreaker. It should still be an interesting final week of the season, but I’d rather have that slight potential for the #1 pick (hey, it could happen again!) than a solid 15th selection and wind up with another 6’9″ forward that takes jump shots and can’t make them.

Finally, as a side note, I find it laughable that any team in the East’s final four spots would miss the playoffs completely in the West. Even the 4th-seeded Hawks, who are a solid 49-29, would be just ONE GAME ahead of the 6th-8th spots in the West. Gotta love that conference parity!


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