Eye of the Hurricane

April 4, 2010

Wake Forest Baseball…ACC Team or Little League Dreamers?

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Today the Miami Hurricanes completed a series sweep of Wake Forest with a convincing 10-1 win, bolstered by a seven run third inning. Except that inning never should have happened in the first place (well, it should have happened, because baseball games don’t just skip innings; it’s just the runs should never have been scored). Wake Forest made four obvious “mental” errors (only two of them were actually charged as errors on the scoreboard) that allowed the Canes to eventually have 12 batters come up in the inning. At least three of them (and I will argue four) were sloppy and should have been avoided. Let’s recap:

1) A bunt attempt by Nathan Melendres. He’s a fairly speedy guy, but Wake Forest had some miscommunication between their first baseman and pitcher (i.e. 1B Mike Conway held onto the ball for too long before deciding to pitch it over to P Austin Stadler). Melendres beat the throw. Oops.

2) Next batter: David Villasuso. He skied a popup to shallow left field. Three Wake Forest players convened around it. They had enough time to recite each U.S. President (as well as their terms in office and, in the case of many of them, their cause of death) as the ball fell from orbit. But I guess somewhere around Dwight Eisenhower (1953-61; congestive heart failure)  the decision was made that no one was actually going to catch this ball. And it dropped harmlessly in between each of them, giving Miami two weak hits to start the inning.

3) Later on (after most of the damage had been done), a grounder was hit up the middle. Granted, it was a bit of a tough play for SS Pat Blair, but he still should make it with no problem. Instead, he tried to throw it before he caught it, bobbled it, and allowed the Miami inning to continue.

4) Finally, it looked like the inning would come to a merciful end, as Villasuso popped up to second with a pair of runners on base. 2B Mark Rhine camped out under it, and apparently at some point slicked is glove with baby oil, as it slipped right out of there and allowed another run to score.

The point is, Wake Forest looked like a little league team out there defensively in numerous instances; and in the third inning it really came back to bite them. No wonder they’re only 9-21 this year. It’s cliche, but seriously…defense wins championships. Committing eight errors in two games is a great way to lose. But hey, at least it was a happy weekend here on campus for the Canes.

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