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March 21, 2010

The 5 Biggest Upsets of the Tournament So Far

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Hmm, there appears to be a trend of lists in my last few posts. Nevertheless, this March has been incredibly mad (much more exciting than last year), and, as always, the upsets are plenty. Let’s recap the top 5:

5) 14 Ohio over 3 Georgetown– This killed a lot of brackets (at least in the early rounds), but it’s not as impressive as some of the others considering how bipolar the Hoyas have been all year. Oh wait, yes it is. Ohio finished 7-9 in the MAC (a solid 9th), which has been in a severe slump as a conference the past few years.

4) 11 Old Dominion over 6 Notre Dame– This is only because EVERYONE was on the Irish’s bandwagon, with supposed good reason (I guess). The Monarchs winning was one of the few upsets I correctly predicted. Some of these are fairly easy to spot, though. When a team suddenly gets hot to make it into the tournament, they tend to flame out once it begins. Remember Syracuse in 2006? With that crazy Big East run (go to about two minutes in) that got them in as a 5-seed? And then they promptly lost in the first round. It tends to happen, so kudos to ODU for continuing that trend.

3) 12 Cornell over 5 Temple– Looking back, this isn’t as big of an upset as it seems, because Cornell is certainly underseeded as a 12. But Temple was also underseeded as a 5 (explain how they can beat Villanova and have a comparable record/RPI and be 3 seeds lower?), and Cornell thoroughly dominated them. The Big Red will be a real handful for Kentucky in the Sweet 16.

2) 13 Murray State over 4 Vanderbilt– I will again toot my own horn in correctly predicting this one (I mean, going 30-4 like the Racers did is no small task), but this game was even more entertaining because it was so close throughout. Of course, this game also provided one of two (so far) game-winning buzzer beaters in the tournament, which is always exciting.

1) 9 Northern Iowa over 1 Kansas– You knew this would be number one, didn’t you? Shocking to believe a team that lost to both DePaul and Evansville (combined record: 17-44) could beat the overall top dog in the tournament (and beat them so convincingly). But that’s why the NCAA tournament (and especially the first weekend) is the greatest event in sports.



  1. No love for St. Mary’s over Nova? With the two ridiculous three point shots towards the end of the game, and the incredible game by Omar Samhan, I feel there’s no way to not include them in the top five upsets. I know Villanova struggled down the stretch and Scottie Reynolds did not play like an All-American in the tourney, but c’mon. I guess the only answer as to why they aren’t on this list is that you believe the Gaels are better than their 10-seed. Just wondering.

    Comment by jaymarshburn — March 22, 2010 @ 4:42 pm | Reply

  2. I was debating putting St. Mary’s in, but you are correct–I think they’re better than a 10-seed, and I think Nova was worse than a 2-seed. Especially right now, I’d even argue that St. Mary’s is the better team (obviously, since they won the game). If you gave me those two teams playing 10 times, I truly believe St. Mary’s would win at least seven of them.

    Comment by joeyheld — March 22, 2010 @ 4:51 pm | Reply

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