Eye of the Hurricane

March 15, 2010

Five Tips for March Madness

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With the Selection Sunday show, the greatest week in sports (in my opinion) can now officially begin. Here are five exclusive (at least exclusively worded) tips for this year’s bracket.

1) Pick a 12-seed to beat a 5-seed. It happens nearly every year. In fact, only twice in the last 20 years have all four 5-seeds advanced. Last year, three 12’s got the upset. I could actually see multiple 12’s pulling out a victory, but the most likely are either Utah State, who is a very dangerous team, or Cornell, who is way underseeded as a 12 (of course, their opponent, Temple, is also horribly underseeded, but that’s a different story).

2) Don’t completely write off Syracuse yet. Yes, they may have a hobbled Arinze Onuaku, which would give them a six-man rotation. If he’s severely hurt, that’s not going to be enough to win a title. But we also thought Ty Lawson’s toe would be an issue last year, and UNC clearly proved the doubters wrong with a national championship. So recent history doesn’t hurt the Orange. But they also have a pretty easy road to the Elite 8; you might as well at least have them going there.

3) Aside from all the 1’s and 2’s advancing out of the first round, I’d consider 13-seed Siena as close to a lock as you can have against 4-seed Purdue. Without Robbie Hummel, this potentially historic season for the Boilermakers will end abruptly. And it will be ugly. Now it’s just worth considering if Siena can make it to the Sweet 16.

4) It may seem obvious, but make sure at least one No. 1 seed makes your Final Four. Except for that wacky year in 2006 (you know, the George Mason year), at a minimum one of the top four dogs has made it, and usually multiple get in. There’s a reason they’re ranked as the best–they usually are.

5) Go with your gut. In the end, these games are impossible to predict (except the 1’s beating the 16’s); that’s why the tournament is so exciting. You never know what could happen, and therein lies the beauty of the madness. So make your picks, watch the games, and try not to hyperventilate too much.


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