Eye of the Hurricane

March 10, 2010

Six Unsung Sports Songs

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One of the things that makes being at a live sporting event so, well…lively is the music that blasts from the speakers. But I’m sick of all the predictable tunes, the “Kernkraft 400s” (a.k.a. that Zombie Nation song), the “Livin’ on a Prayers”, and the multitude of hip hop songs. Sure, they may get the blood pumping, but sometimes we need to mix it up, you know? So here’s my list of other songs that should get some airtime at your favorite stadium/arena/park/box social.

“The Warrior’s Code” by the Dropkick Murphys– This entire song is about not giving up, whatever the situation may be. Seems to fit nearly every sports franchise (except the Clippers). Plus the song is catchy as all get-up.

“Glad All Over” by Dave Clark Five– Granted, the song is not about the latest opponent the narrator beat in triple overtime, but about a girl he can’t get enough of. Yawn, right? Well, not necessarily. The words actually fit to being loyal to your favorite sports team. “But you know, it’s by your side I will stay, I’ll stay” reward the kind of obsession only a die-hard fan can provide. The call and repeat vocals and simplistic chorus don’t hurt either. If nothing else, check out the link to the video, because it provides some hilarious British wit.

“Manthem” by the Bouncing Souls– While they may be more known for their soccer smash “Olé!” (and if you have never heard that song, I am truly, truly sorry for you), the Souls quite possibly could be one of the catchiest bands out there. A good chunk of their songs can make even the Scroogiest (our first made-up word of the day!) person smile, and this particular one, all about hanging out with your buds, is perfect to be blasting at a stadium because hey, chances are you’re amongst friends already, so why not celebrate it through song?

“Hey Driver” by Lucky Boys Confusion– Anytime I can give dap to this band from my hometown, I have to take it. I really believe they’re one of the greatest bands no one outside of Chicago has heard of. Unless you’re friends with me, and I have drilled them mercilessly into your head. This isn’t even their greatest song, but the repeated “Hey driver, to the top of the world” sounds like a pretty standard plea of a sports nut to the star athlete: “Take us to the promised land. Please.” Might not happen, but at least you’ll be humming LBC all day.

“Here Comes the Champ” by Mos Def and Anwar Superstar– I sort of cheated here, this track is actually from NBA 2K7, so technically it’s been involved with sports (albeit fictional, polygonal ones). But still, the beat would fit perfectly with a basketball atmosphere, and it just has a sporty feel to it.

“We Are the Ones” by the Coup– This might be the biggest stretch of the list, but the Coup’s frontman, Boots Riley, is one of the most clever lyricists out there, and I’m all for improving the vocabulary of the generally poor wordsmiths that attend sporting events. And if you really think about it, aside from the reference of getting your guns, the chorus could be adapted to nearly any team sport. And that funky riff is fantastic.

So take off “We Are the Champions” and “Rock You Like a Hurricane,” and put on some more obscure songs that are just as good. Your eardrums will thank you for it.


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