Eye of the Hurricane

March 7, 2010

49ers Sign Carr, Earth Trembles for Completely Different Reasons

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Chris Mortensen of ESPN is reporting that the 49ers have signed David Carr. He’s believed to go in as a backup, but with a roster full of backup-quarterbacks, who’s to say he can’t out-mediocre everyone else into a starting gig?

Anyways, after seeing that my childhood team signed Carr, I wanted to see what we were getting. I knew he was damaged goods, but I remember him being pretty talented in college and having a respectable career in Houston when he managed to keep himself upright.

So to jog my memory, I searched “David Carr Highlights” on YouTube. One 15-second video was found, and it was him as a backup for the Giants throwing a 5-yard touchdown against the Seahawks. Damn.

I’m not one for claiming birthrights in sports, but I grew up rooting for Steve Young and wishing I was a bit older to have been able to watch Joe Montana. Even Jeff Garcia always played solidly, but David Carr is none of those players.

Is he more talented than Alex Smith and Shaun Hill? Probably, especially since Small-Hands McGee couldn’t live up to the hype and Shaun Hill couldn’t beat out some dude named J.T. O’ Sullivan (no, the other J.T. O’ Sullivan. Oh that’s right, there’s never been another professional athlete named J.T. O’ Sullivan. You know, the one that at one point led the league in fumbles and interceptions. I’m willing to assume this is the most anyone has written about J.T. O’ Sullivan.)

(J.T. O’ Sullivan).

I hope there’s a shred of playing ability left in Carr, because I can’t bear to watch Mike Singletary run Frank Gore into the ground like a nuanced  economic sector ruined a world superpower.

The 49ers still have stars on defense, maybe a breakout year from Michael Crabtree is in the works and Vernon Davis is still in beast mode. But in all reality, here’s to 8-8!



  1. You are an idiot. FYI.

    Comment by jimmy faggert — March 7, 2010 @ 8:32 pm | Reply

  2. Yes! Thank you Mr. Faggert for the first of what will, hopefully, be many names called.

    Comment by Austen Gregerson — March 7, 2010 @ 9:17 pm | Reply

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