Eye of the Hurricane

March 6, 2010

C’mon, Frank Haith!

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I won’t get into the multitude of poor playcalling and just overall lackluster demeanor the Miami head coach displayed (granted, some of that comes from the players, but still) in a 61-60 loss to the Florida State Seminoles. Instead, there were two boneheaded moves in the final 15 seconds.

First of all, FSU had the ball with five seconds on the shot clock. Clearly, Miami was going to get the ball back. A timeout was called, and that’s when Haith should have drawn up a play, or at least given his team some sense of what to do should the Seminoles fail to score (or even if they did score). Because a defense that is scrambling and on its heels (as FSU was after a blocked shot) is much more vunerable than one that can set itself (like the Noles did after Miami called a timeout with five seconds left). Part of it is Durand Scott’s fault for dribbling right into the corner. He was essentially quadruple-guarded–double teamed by two FSU players, plus he had to watch out for the sideline and baseline. Definitely a freshman mistake, but that has to be corrected by the coach BEFORE it happens.

The other thing that frustrated me, at least, was Haith calling a timeout immediately after he saw how Florida State’s defense was set up. That’s fine if you have ample timeouts, but that TO was the last one for Miami, which you just knew would come back to haunt them. And it did–the inbounds pass had to be forced almost all the way to halfcourt, and the Canes couldn’t get off a good shot. A timeout certainly should have been saved, but in a season of disappointments, I don’t think the home crowd (even though it was difficult to tell who had home court advantage; there were so many FSU fans) would expect anything different.


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