Eye of the Hurricane

March 3, 2010

Halfcourt Shot Pt. II

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So remember a few weeks ago when I was supposed to take the halfcourt shot against Duke and was gipped out of it? Well, I did finally get my shot, albeit in a different form. Let’s recap…

My team was playing intramural basketball. We were in the IM equivalent of the Elite 8. We had been down nearly the whole game, but had tied the game up at 40 with twenty seconds left. After a turnover by the other team, our team comes back down and misses a layup, setting up the final play for them with 1.3 seconds left. Now the fun part.

The inbounds came in from the far baseline. My man had maybe made one shot all game, and I figured he wasn’t about to nail a 40-footer, so I play off him a little bit. The ball gets chucked down near where I’m standing, so like an opportunistic cornerback, I make a beeline for it. I leap as high as I can, and the ball is in my hands. A player on their team grabs my arm, just trying to foul me so I can’t even get a shot off. Someone else pokes me in the eye. Somehow, I muster up the strength to launch off the ball from halfcourt. I maintain I was just trying to get away from the guy fouling me, but according to my teammates, I began celebrating as soon as I let go of the ball.

Either way, moments later, the ball swished through the hoop. I had never made a game winner in any game that counted for anything, so that was a pretty amazing feeling. Our center came over and lifted me up and everyone just started jumping up and down. Considering it was only seven of us, it wasn’t the greatest rushing of the court, but it was still really cool. And now I can officially say March Madness has begun.


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  1. Cool story

    Comment by Keith — March 4, 2010 @ 10:25 pm | Reply

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