Eye of the Hurricane

February 25, 2010

The Halfcourt Shot

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Whenever I played basketball in high school and we had some downtime (during practice, before games, etc.), I’d always take a few tosses from halfcourt just for fun. I never really expected them to come in handy, but my very first varsity game, the normal point guard inbounded the ball with about five seconds left and told everyone, “Joey’s got this one.” And I did–I pulled up to just behind halfcourt and shot what amounted to a very long jump shot. I was amazed that I could even muster up the strength as a lanky 16-year old to throw the ball that far. But it went in, and it was awesome. We were on the road, the crowd fell silent, and it was just a really cool feeling. Granted, we still lost by 11, so that feeling was only temporary. But I got my first taste of halfcourtdom, and I loved it. Throughout the rest of high school I’d always look for opportunities to nail a halfcourter, or at the very least jack a long 3. Rarely did I make it, but it was something to shoot for.

In any case, now that I’ve exhausted my scholastic basketball career, I have a new goal. Actually, it’s sort of the same– shooting a halfcourt shot during a basketball game. But this time I’d do it as a fan, not as a player. And I’d be winning some sort of prize instead of just a ball game. But I’m not in it for the prize, mainly for the wow factor from the crowd. Having an in with some of the people at the Bank United Center, I was all set up to do it for the Miami game against Duke last week. I told everyone to be there, and was generally primping myself up pretty well (I think anyone in the same situation would). I was told the shot would be in the first half, and it got to halftime and there was no shot. I texted my contact (a friend in the marketing department, who selects the “random” players) and asked when the shot would be. His words came back like a dagger in my heart: “The boss overrode us. He picked somebody else.” I couldn’t believe it. Then when I saw who it was, I became livid. It was a manager from the basketball team last year! I can understand if they wanted to randomize the process, but to me that was a big middle finger from my own university. It was even more painful when the former manager missed the backboard wide right by about 12 feet.

But this has not stopped me! I will still continue my quest to sink a shot (or at the very least attempt one), and I hope it’s as memorable as I’m hyping it up to be. The next chance is the season finale against Florida State, so I’ve already worked on my smarmy skills to try and convince the right people to give me a shot. As long as I end up getting closer than this guy, I’ll consider it at least a partial success.


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