Eye of the Hurricane

February 23, 2010

Figure skating = gymnastics, and so on

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During a mid-class daydream I had an epiphany about why the Summer Olympic Games garner higher ratings, have more esteem, and are generally more enjoyable for most fans. It’s because every Winter Olympic game has a Summer Olympic counterpart that is just simply better.

Figure skating is gymnastics, short track speed skating is track, cross-country skiing can either be road events such as cross-country running or swimming, ski jumping is diving, biathlon is triathlon, hockey is basketball and bobsled is rowing.

The list goes on and on. However, as compiling this list I began to notice a common theme that is inherent to the Summer Games themselves. The weather is hot and hence athletes must be scantily clad. Less clothing not only appeals to viewers attracted to athletes’ sculpted bodies, but it also allows spectators to more fully see the very muscles in said bodies working. Many winter sports require heavy padding and helmets, so its harder to see the bodies underneath the layers actually moving. The athleticism is more obvious in the Summer Games and for some reason this makes the entertainment factor higher.

In close, sex sells – even at the Olympic Games.


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