Eye of the Hurricane

February 20, 2010

Jersey Retiring, I Mean Hanging

At last week’s Miami-Duke game three jerseys were unveiled high up at the Bank United Center next to the retired jerseys of Rick Barry and Tim James. There was a lot of buzz among UM fans as to whether McClinton should have received such an honor so soon after his college career. I didn’t care about that as much I was I dumbfounded as to why there were two other jerseys being raised as well.

I decided to look further into this story and was even more surprised than I initially was…

The jerseys that were revealed in the rafters are not actually considered “retired”. They will just hang alongside the two retired jerseys to make it look like UM actually has five men’s basketball jerseys retired opposed to the actual two. Are most fans able to distinguish that? I don’t think so. I bet some of you that were at the game and are reading this right now are just finding out this news for yourself.

This is no doubt a cheap and deceiving way for UM to try and look like it has a rich history in hoops.

So in addition to hanging jerseys and not actually retiring them (which I have never seen or heard of), two of the jerseys that go up to the rafters are that of players who played when my dad was in diapers.

I am not doubting that Don Curnett and Dick Hickox were great basketball players but why now?! We are honoring them 50 years after they played, really?

In conclusion, things that don’t make sense about the jersey hanging ordeal…

– Most people will just think the jerseys are retired

– Is this a jersey retiring consolation prize? And does it mean these three guys won’t/can’t have their jerseys ever retired?

– Why Hickox, why Curnett decades (and decades and decades) later?

-Anybody ever heard of or seen this done elsewhere?

How about we stop faking that UM basketball has a strong legacy and we sell recruits on the fact that they can be the ones to put a stamp on this program that will last forever? Do we really need to fabricate it like this? I’m…confused.


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  1. Wow, Scott I totally agree. That just seems ridiculous to “hang” those jerseys. Does UM actually think that having five jerseys up there will make a huge difference in a recruit’s decision?

    Comment by teddi88 — February 21, 2010 @ 9:56 am | Reply

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