Eye of the Hurricane

February 18, 2010

First Step: Admitting You Have a Problem

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I never really liked baseball growing up. There, I said it.

Even though I always felt the one sport girls always seemed to like, even if they weren’t into sports, was baseball.  I don’t know if it was because of the free nosebleed tickets my dad used to get to go see the Mets (or maybe it was the Mets that was the problem)—the kind where you need a pair of binoculars to see the field, or if I had already renounced the idea of baseball due to plenty of yawn-fest minor league Trenton Thunder games my school would take field trips to see.

I can honestly say I’ve been to dozens of baseball games and the only one that ever seemed to stick out was a Phillies/Mets game in the early ‘90s, probably because it went for four extra innings and I got to skip school the next day.  I never understood this apprehension I had towards the sport considering some of my favorite movies include A League of Their Own and Major League I & II (“You tryin’ to say Jesus Christ can’t hit a curveball?!”).

I’ve come to realize it’s not that I find the sport boring or anything at all, I really do enjoy going to the stadium to watch—but I just don’t always understand what I’m watching. I’ve also been told that baseball is one of the easiest sports to understand, and while I understand the very (and I mean very) basics to it, I still can’t seem to grasp it the way that I do football.

So, I’m giving it another go this year as the ‘Canes begin their season, and if anybody wants to take the time to explain any rules of the game to me—please feel free. I’m over the embarrassment of admitting I struggle with baseball, and I really just want to have as much fun as everyone else seems to have.

Oh, but I do know one rule:  There’s no crying in baseball! (Even if you don’t like A League of Their Own, you have to admit that line is historic)


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