Eye of the Hurricane

February 17, 2010

Special Teams is Still Important, Right?

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If you’re the Oakland Raiders, then yes, yes it is. The Raiders already own the league’s most expensive (and annually among the most used) punter in perennial Pro-Bowler Shane Lechler, and now K Sebastian Janikowski will fatten his wallet as well, after he signed a four-year deal for $16 million. That’s the most a placekicker has EVER made. Although Janikowski certainly deserves it–he nailed 15 field goals of 40 or more yards last year. In fact, he made nine more field goals than he did extra points, which shows just how much of an integral part he is to his team’s offense.

I remember in a game a couple of years ago, the Raiders trotted Janikowski out for a 72-yard field goal attempt. The ball was on THEIR OWN 45 yard line with at least 15 seconds to play, and they waited for the clock to run down before spiking it and attempting the field goal. Predictably, the ball landed about 10 yards short of the endzone, but nonetheless, the confidence this team has in Janikowski is unparalleled in football, so it’s good to see him get his paycheck. Now, Oakland just needs a quarterback, running back, consistent receivers, a solid offensive line, and nearly every position on defense, and they’ll be set!


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