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February 12, 2010

The NCAA Football Rules Committee is a joke

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Among the newest set of rules proposed by the NCAA Football Rules Committee:

-No more eyeblack messages.  Just another rule to take away from the individuality of the game.  I am a fan of the eyeblack, it allows you to get a little background on players.

-If a player draws a flag for taunting gestures on his way to the end zone, the penalty would be assessed at the spot of the foul, TAKING AWAY THE TOUCHDOWN.  This really is a joke.  They are turning the players into robots who dress the same, run the same, and react the same.  I already feel the current “taunting” penalty is too harsh (15 yards on ensuing kickoff), but this just takes it to another level, a dangerous one.  What the hell is the rules committee thinking?

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  1. Blame the 80’s Canes for all of this starting. I agree it’s gone too far — taking away an obvious TD is ridiculous. There is a big difference between taunting Southeastern Arkansas State Technical College and show-boating a big play in a league game, though.

    If the players can’t show a little sportsmanship in the blowouts over weaker teams then rules like this are inevitable.

    Comment by tony — February 13, 2010 @ 9:58 am | Reply

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