Eye of the Hurricane

February 10, 2010

Really Michael Vick?

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As an Atlanta Falcons fan, I grew up adoring Michael Vick. Watching him single-handedly win a football game on a breathtaking game-winning run, or hurling a sixty-yard deep ball was all that I could hope for on my Sunday afternoon. Then, as you all are well aware of, he let everyone down with his dogfighting saga. But now, when I thought that I could finally forgive Mike Vick, and put everything behind me, he goes and says something that is almost as devastating to a Falcons fan.

“There was a lot more I could have done off the field and in the film room that could have elevated my game to a different level,” Vick said. “I was complacent at the time, somewhat lazy, and I settled for mediocrity. I thought what I was doing was enough.”

When I heard this, I had no idea how to react. The funny thing is I always defended Vick against my friends who told me he couldn’t cut it as a QB, when I would retaliate that he won games and was going to work hard to improve his passing numbers. How wrong was I?

It’s one thing to commit such a terrible, heinous crime like Vick did, but it’s an entirely different thing to commit a “sports crime” such as this. Don’t worry. Vick tries to make up for it with the following comment.

“Just imagine what I could have been doing if I really would have been applying myself. That’s a regret I have,” said Vick.

This is the biggest shoulda, coulda, woulda situation. Really Michael Vick? You let down an entire region of football fans. Congratulations.


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