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February 4, 2010

The state of recruiting

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Sometimes I wonder whether people realize how ridiculous the current state of college football recruiting truly is.

Web sites make a fortune off of fans who want the “inside scoop” on what university a 17-year-old boy likes because it pampers him while in town.

A 17-year-old can barely pass Algebra, let alone choose what school will help him win a national championship, or more important to many, get him to the NFL.

And the sad thing is, without top recruits, boosters won’t donate money. Preseason rankings drop. All because “analysts” say that a kid in California is better than one in Florida.

Who’s to say that? Did these analysts watch players in person or on tape? Do they know more than college football coaches?

As great as the media can be with its noble watchdog function and opportunity to tell people’s stories, they’re also at fault for television cameras in high schools, waiting for the correct hat to be chosen and the John Hancock on the National Letter of Intent.

Picture this 15 years ago: ESPN decides to boost ratings by airing live footage of a minor’s decision of where to attend college. It just wouldn’t happen.

The sad thing is the industry shows no signs of stopping. Kids not even at puberty are being watched all throughout high school. Parents are bribed and some student-athletes feel as if they deserve special treatment.

What sort of example is being set when an eighth or ninth grader is watched by coaches?!

It’s times like these when the purity of the sport would be nice to have back.

You know, the time before you grew up and realized that your favorite athlete got paid millions of dollars and wouldn’t even stop for an autograph.


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  1. That’s right. My 17 year old, a die hard cane fan (as is his family), who has a 3.7 GPA and 1200 SAT from a tough prep school (in which an A is >94%), was rwejected by UM, and not recruited by them. He is 6-1 195 and a superb inside receiver (rememebr how many drops Hanky and other had?).. Well, guess what, to my sadness (and anger) at the UM admission process, my boy has been recruited and admitted by another ACC school (tears flowing…). And I read blogs about this and other UM “commits” who have to get a min. 2.8 and 840 on the SAT. Those number would have my kid’s inheritance revoked.

    Comment by jaime — February 15, 2010 @ 3:25 pm | Reply

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