Eye of the Hurricane

February 3, 2010

The Super Bowl: Saints vs. Colts

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Well what’s a sports blog without a discussion about the biggest game of the year? It’s the match up everyone wanted after 13 games when both teams were undefeated and despite the fact that neither one ended that way it should still be awesome.

I have to say I’m taking the Colts, I believe they are the better team. Betting against Peyton Manning simply isn’t smart, at this point it really seems like he can do everything. He just picked up his 4th MVP throwing to 2 guys in Collie and Garcon that I hadn’t heard of before the season started (yes I know Wayne/Clark had 100 catches each but he made the other two look elite which I doubt anyone else could). I don’t care if they have to score every possession due to Dwight Freeney being questionable, I’m still going to say the Colts win.

The Saints are a great story, and part of me wants to go with the cliche that they are a team of destiny. They are a very solid team and there really is no shame in losing to the Colts. I think the experience factor is being overplayed but it clearly is helpful that the Colts have been through this all in this city so recently. The Vikings had to give them the game 2 weeks ago by fumbling like it was their job. Had the refs made the easy call on the Favre pick where the defenders went high/low we might not have this game…or AP might have fumbled the next play, who knows.

Bottom line: Colts win, probably in a shootout.


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