Eye of the Hurricane

February 3, 2010

Shannon’s Seat is Scolding

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To borrow some words from the quote machine that is Kanye West: This is bad, real bad, Michael Jackson.

This week has helped to define the mindset of a Miami Hurricanes fan in 2010: yearning for the past.  Sunday’s Pro Bowl, held for the first time in the city of Miami, boasted rosters full of former Hurricanes on both sides of the ball.  Super Bowl XLIV has two teams with notable former Canes on the respective rosters: all-pro wide receiver Reggie Wayne will start for the Colts, while the Saints’ starting line-up will include tight end Jeremy Shockey and linebacker Jonathan Vilma.

What about the current Canes, you ask?

Wednesday marks the end of NCAA’s signing period for high school football players.  The 24-hour rollercoaster ride provides up’s and down’s for every football coach and fan.  While the Canes were able to reel in ESPN’s #1-rated class in 2008, 2010’s group of future Canes did not quite live up to the reputation set by its predecessors.  According to Miami Herald writer Manny Navarro, the Canes were only able to successfully recruit one of the Top-20 players in Florida.  Too many Floridian gridiron stars chose in-state rivals Florida and Florida State over the Orange and Green.

Throughout his three seasons as head coach, Miami fans have seen Randy Shannon’s knack for coaching disappoint and, at times, disappear completely late in crucial games. Shannon’s reputation has always been bolstered by his ability to recruit and reel in top talent.  If the Canes can’t compete for the ACC Championship in 2010, Shannon’s job could be up for grabs.

At the end of signing day tonight, Randy Shannon is officially on the hot seat.


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  1. As a diehard Canes fan, I was dejected last night to say the least. My father and I spent a good 45-minutes on the phone discussing what it would take to return to glory (we didn’t come to any coherent conclusions). What makes it worse, I just started grad school at UF. I couldn’t get a computer in the library yesterday because all the students were streaming coverage of ESPNU. How do we compete with this? Anyway, I enjoy the blog. And here’s my heartfelt, funny (I hope), and mildly level-headed reaction as to what it’s like to be a hardcore U fan these days.


    Comment by afrobutterfly — February 4, 2010 @ 5:31 pm | Reply

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