Eye of the Hurricane

February 2, 2010

NBA All Star game, do we have too much power?

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I know that this game is supposed to be for the fans but it feels like it’s gotten out of control. Of course the starters don’t have to be the 10 players with the best stats but where do we draw the line. Tracy McGrady who has played in 6 games averaging less than 10 minutes a game was barely passed in the last week in voting.

Then there’s the case of Allen Iverson, the man who signed with the grizzlies and played an amazing 3 games before “retiring” since he didn’t get like the plan they had for him. He came back and has played 22 games and is not even averaging 15 points a game or even 5 assists. His stats are marginal and you can’t say he’s sacrificing numbers for the team winning since they are 7.5 games out of the playoffs…IN THE EAST.  This is the All Star Game not the well he was good at one point so shucks he gets in until he retires and sticks with it.

So what should we do about it, simply have fans not be allowed to vote? I don’t want to go that far but I believe that coaches and possibly media should have a say in the starters. It doesn’t need to be elaborate but in special cases like this the player should be moved to the bench. Congratulations Allen you’re popular, you know it and we know it but it’s time to step aside.  I know this game is all for fun and dunks, it would just be nice for the best players to get what they earned for working hard.


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