Eye of the Hurricane

February 1, 2010

“We’re not allowed.”

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I never take the Hurry Cane bus over by the Hecht Athletic Center because I always feel like it would do me better to walk the few blocks back to my apartment; however, for some reason I decided to be lazy last Wednesday and sat down next to some kid in crutches while I waited for the next bus.

Entire right knee wrapped up from thigh to shin. Crutches. Friend next to him with Hurricane Football backpack….Graig Cooper.

I immediately get on my phone to text Kiersten seeing as how we’ve been waiting to get in touch with him for an interview for Ibis for 3 months now.

“I’m sitting next to Graig Cooper, should I say something?”

“You might as well, I feel like that’s the only way we’re going to get this interview,” was the response.

Bad idea. Bad bad idea. The conversation, or lack thereof I should say, was probably one of the most awkward I’ve had in my entire life.

I was feeling lucky, though, as he allowed me to sit next to him on the bus.  Time to make the move, but how?

Jenna, just say something, anything. You don’t know when he’s going to get off the bus.

“Hey, (insert dramatic pause here), you’re Graig, right?”

Of course he is, you idiot.


“Oh hey, I’m Jenna, I’m supposed to interview you for the yearbook so I thought I’d say hi.”

Silence. Awkward, awkward silence.

“We are doing this spread in the sports section about running backs and…”

What the hell are you doing? You sound like a rambling fool, shut up.

“Oh okay,” he says, clearly unmoved by anything I have to say right now.  Stop talking? Me? No way.

“Well if you want I can write down my number and you can call me when you have free time for the interview,” I say, not wanting to interfere with his possibly busy schedule.  Another bad idea.

Oh cool, seem like you’re hitting on him, that’s totally going to work.

“We’re not allowed.”

Rejected. Epic fail.  Even though the interview was cleared about 12 times. I just got the same feeling I felt in 2nd grade when my first crush came up to me and told me he hated my guts, but this time all I really wanted was an interview. Again, awkward.

He gets off the bus, and all I can do is laugh.  He has to think I’m nuts.

I guess the bright side is, at least I tried, right? Life is all about feeling like an idiot from time to time, and I think I definitely hit my quota for the month, at least. And maybe I’m over analyzing, because there’s a big chance I’m not even significant enough in a UM football player’s mind to even warrant a second thought, let alone a “she’s crazy” judgment. But I over analyze everything, obviously.

Stay tuned until I actually get to interview him, should make for a great part II.


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