Eye of the Hurricane

February 1, 2010

Pro Bowl vs. the Grammys

Pregame at the Pro Bowl. Photo by Christina De Nicola

Pregame at the Pro Bowl. Photo by Christina De Nicola

Pro Bowl vs. the Grammy Awards. Pick your poison, the lesser of two evils.

Do you want to know a secret?

Although there were 70,697 fans in attendance, that number would’ve been far lower. I received two free tickets to last night’s game because I’m volunteering with the South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee.

All those nosebleed seats in section 432? Hand out the $50 tickets that would otherwise go to waste. After all, those “U” tarps can’t be recycled from college football season.

Oh, wait, maybe they can since it’s NFL U…

Aside from the player introductions, airplane flyover and first quarter of action, the crowd was restless. Many fans, who had been tailgating all day, took early exits and complained about the $10 beer. Others chanted “Let’s Go Yankees,” the most sensical thing to say at a football game.

I started checking my BlackBerry for Twitter updates and discovered that most of my followers were watching Taylor Swift win a bunch of Grammys instead of laughing at Jacksonville Jaguars mascot “Jaxson” dancing in what appeared to be a g-string to Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough.”

It was around the time Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub looked to be the early frontrunner for MVP when everyone in the stadium realized we were at the Pro Bowl. The same game that nobody watches on TV. For a reason. It just doesn’t have the same hype as the NBA and MLB all-star games. There aren’t any three-point challenges or home run derbys. The players would rather leave early for South Beach.

My friend and I walked around newly named Sun Life Stadium (it looks the same as Land Shark, by the way) during the second half to see if any events were going on to entertain guests.

Instead, we found plenty of overpriced merchandise that suckers such as yours truly bought because of the “novelty” of the event.

A $7 souvenir cup? Check.

A $40 retro Pro Bowl shirt? Check.

A $15 program? Check.

My thinking, of course, played along the lines of this: When’s the next time Miami- I mean South Florida- will host the Super Bowl, much less the Pro Bowl?

If Mother Nature continues her say on the matter, it won’t be soon.


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  1. I started switching channels early on in the game. The excitement by far….Grammys!

    Comment by Linda Cento — February 1, 2010 @ 4:07 pm | Reply

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