Eye of the Hurricane

May 1, 2009

Losing all Dignity

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It all began when Chivas went to Chile. They were recieved with jokes and insults. Fans and players refused to get near them. Players reported being treated like lepers their whole time there.

Then Boca Juniors refused to go to Mexico to play the Copa Libertadores.

Chivaz and San Luis are left in a soccer limbo. No one wants them.

The plan was to go to Colombia, both teams would play in Bogota for their ‘home’ game.

Local Colombian authorities, however, have just announced they will not allow the players to enter their country.

The US had considered allowing the game, knowing full well players for the four teams (Sao Paolo, and Nacional which Chivas and San Luis will play) would never get Visas in time.

What would be the right move? Completely forfeit the Mexican teams participation in the cup (They’re technically intruders as it is…IT IS the SOUTHAMERICAN Libertadores cup).

The series could be altered to one game series, or both games could be played at  home but if COlombia refuses to accept the players who is to say the countries will allow them in theirs.

Now mexicans will be faced with not only an increasingly likely early exit from Libertadores but depending on how the outbreak is handled, it is very likely that the next set of world cup qualifiers will be delayed as well or played outside of mexico.

HOpefully by now the local league will be canceled. For however much money the directives of these teams may have there is NO excuse for having games played when schools, business, and restaurants have been closed for public safety.

Is there some sort assumption that these players are superhuman, immune to the disease?

At the same time, Mexicans increasingly isolated in their homes are now left without a local soccer leauge, Libertadores, and in a smaller tragedy left without Marquez in Barcelona.

Slowly Mexico is becoming an international pariah and the things that usually distract people in situations like this are just exacerbating them–the canceled movie premiers, the canceled soccer leagues, the canceled boxing matches…

 Soon the people isolated at home will have nothing to give them hope.


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