Eye of the Hurricane

April 27, 2009

Heat lose. Wade sucks. Series tied at 2.

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I can’t be the only frustrated person right now. Dwyane Wade was atrocious. 9 of 26 from the field. 1 for 8 from three. The man could not buy a basket for most of the game. He also refused to get his teammates involved down the stretch. He also refused to take it to the basket and try and get to the foul line. No, no. We don’t need that. We’ll just jack up wild mid-range jumpers and contested threes. I’ve got to be honest with you. There are very few things you can criticize Wade for. The guy is amazing. However, when he gets into 1-on-5 mode it frustrates me. Even when he’s hot, he should try and get guys involved but especially when he is struggling. His inconsistent play tonight along with a joke of a defensive performance combined with zero effort on the glass extinguished the Heat’s chances from the get go. Miami looked like a bad JV girl’s basketball team on the boards and couldn’t stop anyone. ZaZa F’in Pachulia pulled down 18 rebounds. EIGHTEEN!!!! This is the same guy who averages just under six a night. Instead, the Heat’s lack of effort on the boards made him look like Dennis Rodman minus the bright colored hair and cross-dressing. Miami needs to wake up and take Game 5 on Wednesday if they hope to have any chance of advancing to round two. A loss in Atlanta in two days will almost guarantee the Heat’s elimination. Can Wade get back to form? Will the Heat stop anyone on defense? Will they rebound? Who knows? But if they don’t, they should stay in Atlanta for a while and just forfeit Game 6 because no Heat fan will want to watch another game like tonight’s.



  1. Nice rant, one of the best of the year so far!!!!

    Comment by wood21 — April 28, 2009 @ 8:02 am | Reply

  2. I was really pissed when I wrote that. Got to be honest with you though, i wouldn’t change a thing of what I said in that post. The Heat were dreadful last night.

    Comment by dvillavicencio — April 28, 2009 @ 11:12 am | Reply

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