Eye of the Hurricane

April 25, 2009

NFL Rookie Salaries

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Matthew Stafford apparently just got PAID. He and the much fiercer looking Detroit Lions have reportedly agreed to a deal that guarantees Stafford nearly $42 million. Without having played a down in the NFL. That’s more than Albert Haynesworth was guaranteed in his big deal.

There have always been some to crititicize just how much top picks in the draft are making, but I’m not criticizing Stafford or his agent. Their job is to get as much money as possible in their deal from the team, based on how much the picks last year were signed for. But how do you think the people in Detroit feel, where the bad economy is even worse? The Pistons cannot even get a full house for a playoff series.

And what if, by chance, Stafford becomes the next Ryan Leaf? Or appropriately enough for Detroit, the next Joey Harrington? When these costly picks don’t pan out, they set back teams for years and this is why the Lions were in this position.

You probably can figure out my opinion of all this but what’s yours? Is it right to pay a player over $40 million in guaranteed money, possibly even as much as $70 million with incentives, despite that player not even playing a down? Or is it the team’s responsibility to make sure they make the right pick, given the money they will pay to that pick?


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