Eye of the Hurricane

April 22, 2009

Mustaches..Wait Mustaches? What’s that have to do with sports?

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I know this is a sports blog and mustaches are not your typical sports topic but hopefully you guys will understand and enjoy this post anyway. Last night as I was watching the Cardinals beat the Mets, I noticed Redbirds outfielder Rick Ankiel had this ridiculous mustache. Now I don’t mean to offend anyone at the American Mustache Institute but that was one of the worst mustaches ever. Ankiel has said it is for good luck and as a Cardinals fan I support him fully despite the like of aesthetic qualities in his latest facial hair choice. Rick came through with some big hits last night that helped his club win a game that they seemed to be destined to lose. If he thinks it works, then go for it.

Heck, he’s not even the only Cardinal with interesting facial hair. Catcher Jason Larue kind of looks a bit like Kenny Powers of HBO’s Eastbound and Down. Former Cardinal pitchers Al Hrabosky and Dennis Eckersley were known as much for their staches as they were for their baseball skills.

Clearly the mustache is a part of sports and it has hit on campus at UM as well. I am hearing rumors that the Miami baseball team will be collectively growing mustaches. The team was recently swept at UNC and feels the mustaches will be one of the things that will help them get back on track (besides timely hitting and running the bases like they know what they’re doing). Reliever Rene Guerra already sported a fantastic mustache last season. (see below)

I don't know the result of the pitch but the stache is looking sweet!

I don't know the result of the pitch but the stache is looking sweet!

The big right-hander seems to be leading the current mustache movement after last year’s mustachioed look along with his superb physique earned him the great nickname of one of American cinema’s greatest heroes.

I don’t know how well the facial hair thing is going to work for the Canes. I hope it does them well because let’s face it, everyone likes a winner plus it’s going to be great seeing what wacky looks some of these guys come up with. Let’s just hope no one ends up looking like this guy.


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