Eye of the Hurricane

April 21, 2009

Let’s do some bloggin’—-NBA/Wade

Filed under: Uncategorized — Ryan Evan Rose @ 6:10 pm

D-Wade you should be ashamed of yourself after Sunday nights debacle. You know I really thought you were destined to do great things and then I turn on the game or should I say lack of a game agaisnt Atlanta you played and I realized all those stats you’ve been putting up just fell by the way side. You better step up tommarow cause there is no way you will be able to dig yourself out of a 2-0 hole, not this time. I know I have supported you since day one and I will continue to, but that was garbage man…You’re better than that…you know it and I know it and Lebron knows it too, but he is too busy fufilling your dream…Lets go man pick it up, salvage it while you still can…Win the MVP trophy so I can brag about you to my friends in other cities and in this city too.


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