Eye of the Hurricane

March 18, 2009

Better than the Rest?

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Now that the US has kind of overcome their embarrasing 11-1 trumping at the hands of Puerto Rico by miraculously avoiding elimination to them last night, will the team abandon the absurd stand that they’ll leave the World Baseball Classic if they have one more injury?

It’s hard to believe the statement didn’t come out of a sense of embarrasement or entightlement at the hands of the United State’s baseball team who are embarrased to not be the equivalent of the Dream Team in Basketball.

We’ll have to see how they do against Venezuela to see if they’ll start threatening to leave the tournament once again or perhaps making the semis has healed all their concerns.

Also, politics and sports need to stay seperate. I’m sure the Venezuelans will cheer if Ordonez gives the Venezuelan team a win against the US today. Stop whining as well, Ordonez may have been stupid enough to support Chavez’ removal of term limits but he is JUST  a baseball player, so stop giving his stupidty creedence by booing everytime he goes up to bat and cheering everytime he strikes out.


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